Company Overview

Asia Polymer Corporation was established in January, 1977, the plant construction was commenced in September, 1977 and completed in March, 1979 with nameplate capacity at 75,000 Metric Tons of LDPE resin per annum. In 1984, the Corporation commenced its expansion project by adding one production line, this went on stream in June 1985 making the total designed capacity at 100,000MT per annum, with a product mix of LDPE and EVA. In 1997, the Corporation was merged by USI Corporation and became a member of USI Group since then.

The LDPE and EVA resins produced by Asia Polymer Corporation are from a high pressure autoclave process equipped with the technical knowhow of Gulf Oil Chemicals Company & City Service, U.S.A. and the modern production technology & control system of USI Corporation resulting in the resin products are with excellent quality performance & very good processability for wide range of applications including blown film, extrusion molding, injection molding, dip coating, lamination, casting & foaming, they are well accepted in the market, and have been sold to a wide range of satisfied customers, both domestically and to many parts of the world.

The technical service engineers of this company are available to assist customers with fabrication problems and provide them with technical knowledge regarding optimum processing conditions.

Asia Polymer Corporation’s products are generally packed in 25KG heavy duty PE bags, palletized packaging & sea bulk packaging are also available upon request.

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