Environmental Policy

Occupational health & safety and environmental protection(SHE) announcement

We will continue to make the effort to work in the occupational health and safety system and lower environmental impacts in our plant, besides we assess the performance of SHE periodically to build up the safe & healthy workplace and healthy environment for human beings.

All employees must participate in the safe & healthy and environment protection activities and get to work for the better gradually in order to complete our social responsibilities and protect plant member's life, although our plant produce low density polyethylene in petrochemical industry which process is low pollution, simple to others. As an accountable organization, the environmental protection and sustainable development of the earth is our inevitable mission.

We will take the following steps to reach our goals

  • To comply with the legal regulation about the environment and OH&S.
  • To fulfill our obligations to the environment protection and working safely through well-trained employees.
  • To communicate our policy of SHE to our suppliers and contractors and take action all together.
  • To value the international regulations, the environmental appeals of customers and interested parties collected to make strategic decision.
  • To put the management system of SHE in practice and contribute to occupational health and safety in plant, pollution prevention and the management of energy resources.
  • To improve the performance of SHE through continuing improvement action to achieve the objective of occupational health & safety and environmental protection.

Asia Polymer Corporation had registered for ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 management systems which keep improving in energy saving, injury-free work and pollution prevention. We eagerly participate in the partnership system on safety issues launched by the Council of Labor Affairs to work at self-inspection for safety with effort, therefore we were a member of industrial safety and health promotion association in Lin Yuan industry area, south of Taiwan, since it have been set up.